Efficient Zapper Attracts and Kills Flying Insects
Efficient Zapper Attracts and Kills Flying Insects
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High Quality
Only are Premium material and components used on Moscatcher, so that it has high quality and long life span.
100% Satisfaction Guarantee
Return the product to us if you don't want it or you are not satisfied with it or you just no longer need it.
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What makes Moscatcher such a powerful zapper!
The next-gen Moscatcher has improved upon the previous model in so many ways. We listened to consumer feedback and delivered an even more effective product. This is the bug zapper you’ve been waiting for!
Attracts and Zaps, Dead!
With high-effective UV light, this fly killer strongly attracts mosquitoes, flies, gnat, wasp and other annoying pests to assure you and your loved ones enjoy the summer evenings bug-free!
Eco friendly, harmful chemicals free!
This electric bug zapper uses physical method to kill bugs when they touch power grid, protective housing only allows bugs to pass, SAFE to kids and pets.
Rechargeable and Portable
The Moscatcher Zapper Works & Charges at the same time and is compact enough to take with you anywhere. Spoil yourself with cordless convenience as you enjoy being bug-free on your deck, or at the park, or the beach, or the campground, anywhere!
Stand It or Hang It
Designed with a handy loop, just put it on flat surface or hang it (ring included), and plug in power!
Enjoy Summer Without the Uninvited Pests
There’s an average of 2 million deaths per year caused by mosquitoes since the year 2000. Since the dinosaur era, the incredibly resilient mosquito has been a carrier of malaria, yellow fever, Zika, and a slew of other diseases that have ravaged human populations.
Now we have Moscatcher Zapper which can keep you and your family away from those risks. This next-gen mosquito zapper kills effectively and naturally without using harmful chemicals. Simple installation: It is recommended to place the electric insect killer on a flat surface or hang it with a convenient ring.
Comments from our customers
Eliminate flying insect pests in your outdoor living areas through a healthy way. The remains of insects are collected in trays, and then returned to the ground. Attracts mosquitoes, gnats, Aedes mosquitoes, flies, greenheads, fruit flies, moths, and other Phototropic insects insects. And then high-voltage grid killed them instantly.
Average Rating
Charles Sessions – Portland, OR
Worked immediately on the raging bugs in my back yard.It works extremely well.Best zapper yet and I'm 58 yrs old. Love it!
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Maechel J. – Los Angeles, CA
I use this bug zapper in a inconspicuous place in my home. I HATE flys. With everyone going in and out all the time, this zapper works great! Love it when I hear those "zaps". I know that's one less flying insect in my house.
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Gary E.–barbara carpenter
This product arrived faster than I expected. I was surprised on how light weight the unit was, but it still felt real sturdy. Not only do the bugs like it, but I like watching them get zapped! If it's cheaper, it would be perfect!
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